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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions

Will the detergent used hurt my grass and plants?
No. The chemicals and detergents we use to pressure wash houses, decks, and driveways are used in a very diluted ratio. This in combination with the rinse water further dilute our already mild detergents down to harmless levels.
In the event a strong chemical is needed to achieve desired results, precautions are always taken to ensure the saftey of your plants and grasses.
Will pressure washing damage my deck?
A deck can easily be harmed with a pressure washer if it is used improperly. However, when used properly pressure washers are efficient tool for removing old sealer and weathering from the durface of the wood leaving behind the natural wood color. An experienced person can achive this result without causing any harm to the wood.
This is the reason why renting a pressure washer to do this on your own is not reccomended. The finished result you will get, and time and headache you will save by hiring a professional is well worth the money spent.
Why should I pressure wash my house?
Over time your houses exterior will build-up dust, dirt, film, and oxidation. In damp areas it can also build-up mold, mildew, and fungi. The build-up of these contaminates causes your house to appear old, dull, dirty and can contribute to the degradation of the paint.
Having your house pressure washed will remove all of the fore mentioned contaminates leaving the exterir of your home vibrant and clean.
Can you remove oil stains from my driveway?
Driveways are usually made of concrete or asphalt. In the case of concrete driveways, the concrete is porus. This causes it to act like a sponge when oil is spilled on it. Because of this, the oil can be removed from the surface and lighten the oil stain, but will most likely leave behind a stain.
In the case of asphalt, the ashpalt itself is made from oil. The stains are more easily removed from the asphalt, but cannot be completey removed due the fact that it would degrade the asphlat itself.
My fence is gray and weathered, is it even worth pressure washing?
Sure. Pressure washing the fence, as with decks, will remove the gray weathering from the wood bringing it back to its original color. Fences that have been weathered to the point of extreme dry rot won't experience a good result though.
Will pressure washing remove the rust or black spots from my siding?
Yes. The black spots that can appear on siding are mildew. Rust streaks found on siding are caused by the rusting of the fastener used to attach the siding. In either case, pressure washing will leave your home's siding clean and free of these contaminents.
Why not just buy or rent a pressure washer and do it myself?
There are many factors that will determine the results you will get when pressure washing. The pressure washer machine that you most likely will get when you buy or rent one are not capable of providing the same output as a professional pressure washer machine. Professinals also use industrial detergents and chemicals that are not available in general home improvemnet stores. Professionals have the knowledge and experience in using the combination of the equipment and chemicals. An inexperienced individual can easliy cause damage to the surface they are attempting to clean with the pressure washer and/or chemicals.
Considering these factors, hiring a professional will most certainly save you time and money in the long run while giving you better results.
How much does pressure washing cost?
The answer to this is largely dependant on the size of the job. Most residential jobs are in the $300.00 or less range. As a general rule, the bigger it is, the more it will cost. A 1000 square foot single level home is going to cost far less to wash than a 3000 square foot multi-level home.
Should I repaint my house or pressure wash it?
The answer to this question depends on the condition of the paint. If the paint is cracked and peeling off, then the answer, of course is to re-paint. On the other hand, if the paint is in good shape but the color appears "chalky", then you should have it pressure washed.
The whiteish chalky color on the paint is oxidation. This is caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. In most cases we can remove the oxidation from the paint restoring vibrance back to the original color. This is usually the case, unless it has gone too long and the oxidation is beyond repair.
How often should I pressure wash my house?
Generally you should have your house pressure washed yearly. If your house is in an area where it is exposed to lots of airborne dust and dirt, then you should pressure wash it twice a year. These conditions are usually present along major roadways and near dirt lots. Pressure washing your house on these reccommended frequency schedules prevents the build-up of dirt, film, and oxidation, keeping your house looking beautiful as well as prolonging the color of the paint.